What We Do

Let us make your event magical…

The options are truly only limited by imagination.  If you have seen it somewhere at an event, or can dream of something amazing – we can make it happen.

We hope to inspire you to think big, to be different and most of all to be awesome.

All of the enhancements below are available a la carte and can be customized to align with your event, theme or budget.

Monogram projection

Write your name on the wall, floor, or ceiling in lights. We offer both static or moving monograms.


The most fun you can have in public!

Dancing on the clouds

Every girl deserves to dance on clouds for their wedding. Let us make it happen!


Change the mood of the room by flooding the room with the color of your choice!

Architectural Lighting

Add textured lighting to the ceiling, walls, and/or floor for the ultimate visual illusion.


Having a corporate event? Need speakers and microphones? We can provide that for you.

Party Enhancements

Little extras, to make your party over the top! Contact us about the different options.

Snow dance

Ever heard of snow in Florida? For your wedding we can make it happen.

Pin Point Lights

Spot light anything you want in the room from the cake to the head table to your aunt Sissy. The possibilities are endless.



“In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product.”

Mariani Wine, MaWine.co.uk

“Celebrity endorsements have proven very successful in China, where increasing consumerism makes the purchase of an endorsed product into a status symbol.”

Linda Kimpel, Kimo.no

Contact us at 904.854.8014 or info@footlooseentertainment.com!